A Ministry of Reconciliation
Serving Congregations and Christian Organizations across North America




About Peacebridge Ministries

Ministries was created by Dr. Darrell Puls to provide distinctly Christian conflict management, training, consulting, intervention and reconciliation services for churches, schools, colleges, pastors, and families.

Dr. Puls has been a conflict management professional since 1976 as a mediator, organizational development expert, negotiator, trainer, writer, and speaker. Darrell helps people not only to understand and find solutions to conflict that work in the long term, but to heal from it as well. His recent work and writing in forgiveness and reconciliation practices has gained international attention in fields as diverse as medicine, law, family dynamics, workplace dynamics, restorative justice, religious conflict, and churches.

Darrell left a high-profile corporate conflict management and organizational development career in 2002 to enter full-time ministry in Christian conflict resolution. After earning a doctoral degree in religious conflict management at Trinity Theological Seminary in 2006, Darrell was invited to join the faculty at Trinity as an adjunct, teaching conflict management and forgiveness studies. 

Darrell currently serves as Chief Academic Officer (Dean of Academic Affairs ) at Gather4Him Christian College, where he also teaches Christian Theology, Church History, Hermeneutics, Life of Christ and other courses.  

With one book published, another on the way, and more than twenty published articles, Darrell is a popular speaker at regional, national, and international conflict resolution conferences on the dynamics and inner workings of forgiveness and relational reconciliation. His training seminars around the country are often standing room only.

"Jesus prayed for unity in the Church. I believe in this biblical model for church staffs, teams, committees, and boards. I am committed to bringing people together from differing backgrounds and experiences in building community, the Ekklesia of the Church.

"This is not what I do - it is who God has called me to be! My passion is helping people hear and understand each other, come to grips with the part each has played in their conflict, guiding them to a workable settlement, then on to forgiveness and reconciliation where possible.

"It is not an easy path, but ultimately it is the ONLY path to building the strong, lasting, and satisfying relationships from which we form the Body of Christ in the world.

"Our calling is to  go into the trenches  where life is miserable and help people find their way to peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation."

Darrell Puls

Darrell and Carole Puls