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Let Us Prey: The Plague of Narcissist Pastors and What We Can Do About It
Have you been victimized by a narcissist pastor? Has your church had a narcissist pastor at the helm (30% do!)? Are you going to be calling a new pastor any time in the near future?

Let Us Prey is for you!

Based on a thoroughly-researched national study of Narcissistic Personality Disorder in pastors and hundreds of peer-reviewed published articles, Let Us Prey in the ONLY book in publication designed to tackle this devastating phenomenon with science, scripture, and experienced practical advice. This book will help you identify, understand, confront, and deal with pastors with malignant narcissism. It will also help you weed them out from the candidate pool so they are never hired in the first place.

What do we mean? They are self-righteous, entitled, charming, viciously angry, manipulative; they lie about anything and everything, they are excellent actors who can fake sympathy and empathy while never feeling either, and they will do everything within their powers to destroy you if they see you as a threat. They preach not for the glory of God but for their only glorification. They will never admit a mistake and never apologize. They truly are the wolves in sheep's clothing that Jesus warned against.

They do incredible damage to congregations, usually one person at a time. Those who are attacked and leave may never enter the doors of a church again. By the time most congregations reach the point where they know something must be done, half the congregation is gone, those who remain are deeply wounded, and the finances are in shambles.

How do we know? We have both worked with these churches across Canada and the United States.

Due to the secure nature of the Amazon website, I have had some difficulty creating a link directly to the book.

Follow this link to: In the search area, enter: let us prey pastors and it should go directly to the page.

Here is what the reviewers have said:

"Armed with research data and real-life examples, Puls and Ball provide an absorbing and alarming analysis of Christian clergy who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, describing the toll these 'wolves in sheep's clothing' wreak upon their congregations and co-workers. A must-read for clergy and those who supervise and support them." ~ Kevin Livingston, Associate Pastor of Pastoral Ministry, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto.

"Ball and Puls do an amazing job of bringing a sensitive issue to the light. Filled with powerful stories, up-to-date research, and godly counsel, Let Us Prey is a great resource that brings wisdom, guidance, and healing to Christian leaders and church communities." ~ Tim Clinton, President, American Association of Christian Counselors.

"Let Us Prey contains ground-breaking research regarding the plague of narcissism in the church. It also provides practical direction in the diagnosis, intervention, and mitigation of narcissism in our pastorate and our congregations. A must-read. . ." Michal Patterson, Chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Corban University.

"Painstakingly researched and terrifyingly realistic, this book shocks us into facing up to the monsters within the body of Christ who prey on the sheep rather than pray for them. Read it and equip yourself to identify and confront these predators with firmness and faith." ~ David Murray, Professor of Practical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

Welcome to Peacebridge, specialists in analyzing and intervening in organizational conflicts, both religious and secular. Whether large or small, religious or secular, public or private, conflicts within organizations cost much more than many think. It includes lost time, lowered quality, sabotage, increased sick time, poor  morale, employee turnover, and drastically lowered support from members and customers.

Organizational conflicts that are allowed to grow, and they WILL grow unless positive steps are taken, can eventually destroy the enterprise.

Peacebridge has recently downsized, but that does not mean a cut in quality services.

As the founder of Peacebridge, I am a professional mediator, researcher, writer, and conflict interventionist with more than 40 years of experience and training.

Call me. Initial consultations are always free.

Dr. Darrell Puls

Forgiving is hard. Authentic, healing forgiveness is harder! The Road Home is the answer!

Churches that have been through conflict face a dilemma: they know they need to forgive and reconcile, but pastors rarely have any training in how to lead the process. And so they guess, but it almost always ends at a place where they declare, "Now we just have to leave it up to the holy Spirit" and hope for the best.

No more! This dynamic, Holy Spirit-led process opens the doors to authentic forgiveness and healthy reconciliation. It takes wounded relationships into deep healing and leaves them stronger than they were before the conflict.

The Road Home is the perfect companion book to Let Us Prey. Every church that has experienced a toxic narcissist pastor will have deep, festering wounds that cry out for healing.

The contents and premises of this book have been scrutinized by top scholars, researchers, and practitioners. The foreword is by Everett Worthington, Jr., one of the most famous and respected forgiveness researchers and writers in the world. The book has also been endorsed by Dr. Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors, and Dr. Paul Regan, President of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies.

The Road Home is now available at booksellers worldwide in paperback and digital formats, including:
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