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I was at the American Association of Christian Counselors worldwide conference in Nashville, Tennessee Sept 26-30. With 7,000+ Christian counselors, therapists, psychologist pastors, and even psychiatrists.  I had a case of books shipped directly from the publishers as well as a large tri-fold display of the research underlying Let Us Prey. Armed with these as well as 150 miniature copies of the tri-fold and a couple hundred flyers for the book, I did not know what to expect. I did not have a place to set up the display but somehow knew that would work itself out. What follows is a series of events.

  • I was given a display table that had been vacated in the highest traffic area of the conference. 
  • A woman I had never met gave me a huge hug and said, "You saved my son's life, sanity, marriage, and ministry." She had her picture taken with me and sent it to her son, who had been under attack from a narcissist senior pastor and was questioning his call to ministry. Glenn and I had been coaching him and his wife since his mom sent him the CD from my 2015 presentation at the same conference. 
  • I lost count of the women who said that they were or had been married to a narcissist pastor, and that this ministry was helping them regain emotional healing.
  • A young woman waited until her friends had moved on, then told me the story of how her pastor husband and she had been forced out by a narcissist senior pastor. I gave her a copy of the book and offered to come alongside them both to walk with them through the confusion and pain. That's when she began to cry, knowing that someone who had been through the swamp before and knew the way through was offering to be with them in that same journey.
  • As I was about to pack up for the trip home, I saw a man standing about 10 feet away looking at me. His face was a confused set of emotional turmoil. It was a man I have been coaching and walking with through his personal journey for the last two years. He had come to the conference because he saw that I would be there. I will never forget his words: "You saved my life."
  • I ran out of flyers and sold all but 4 books.
  • I've been asked to write a blog on narcissistic pastors for the AACC.

I have no idea of where all of this will go, but I'm all in.

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