Stop wishing things will get better!

YOU have the power to make it happen!
I do not just think outside the box, I LIVE outside the box!
To the right, you can read just a few of the comments that have been made regarding the work of Dr. Puls.
Being in conflict is like going through a strange and threatening forest.

Let me come alongside you for the journey, for I
 have been through it before and I know the way out. 
Unsolicited Testimonials:
"Your Austin (Texas) presentation on forgiveness was a life-changing experience for me. Truly, I continue to make new discoveries with this information, but I want you to know that it has helped me overcome conflict tendencies that I might never have done in a lifetime of therapy! I treasure the "AHA" moment and remain forever grateful to you for it." 

"Thank you so much, Darrell, for guiding me through this forgiveness work and for taking the time to walk with me for a moment on my journey toward a more peace-filled life. I finally forgave, and I'm free!"
"You have rocked my world! Thank you!"

"Your presentation was stunning, powerful, and life changing!"

"How can I ever repay you? I have never felt this kind of freedom before! Thank you!

"You saved our marriage. What more can I say?"

"You opened my eyes to hope!"

"Very moving and profound presentation. Dr. Puls is an outstanding speaker." Federal Mediator

"Inspiring! Touching! You spoke to my soul!"  Family Therapist

"Fascinating - a powerful speaker!"

"You have changed my life!"

"I have learned how to forgive, and I have left the pain and anger from the past behind me! Thank you!"

"We have forgiven and reconciled; our church has found its soul-song again! Praise God, and thank you!"