Tired of wishing things were better?

We can help you to make it so!

Please note: I am not a licensed counselor and I do not engage in therapy. Conflict resolution and coaching are short-term, solution-based processes.

Services Offered:

On site scope:

Conflict training (board, staff, leaders). Personal and group conflict styles, learning styles, work styles and working together, team building.

Conflict analysis and interventions. Conflict analysis includes the entire organization or the appropriate subunits, and carefully facilitated interventions.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation Workshops. We don't forgive easily, do we? Peacebridge has developed a powerful biblical, clinically-sound and Holy Spirit led forgiveness and reconciliation process for wounded churches, staff, and leaders. It has been examined by biblical scholars and clinical experts, field tested, and critiqued. It works! The process is available in  The Road Home: A Guided Journey to Church Forgiveness and Reconciliation  published by Cascade Books in 2013.

Like an iceberg, we only see small parts of the conflict. The most dangerous 90% of the conflict (and the iceberg) is below the surface.

Peacebridge can help you identify the real interests behind the issues you argue over.

In identifying the real interests, the solutions often become obvious and easily attained!